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02/08/10 01:13:06PM @chocofiles:
Hi,You said, "I just discovered a new chocolate company, Escazu, that is based out of Raleigh, NC. Great chocolate!" I'm from Raleigh and it's nice to have an artisan chocolate maker so close. Have you had their Ezca line of single origin bars? I like those the best of what they make.Have you ever heard of Black Mountain Chocolate, another NC maker? They're one of my favorites.Also, have you had DeVries out of Denver? I like them very much too.You can read more of my reviews at Chocolate Reviews.Enjoy your chocolate!
Matt Caputo
02/04/10 08:38:26PM @matt-caputo:
Hey Anna,I did not know Robbie was your boyfriend. He and I have spoken and are already friends of the chocolate life. I will look forward to news and product from you when they become available.Thanks,Matt
Jessica Curzon
02/04/10 12:46:36PM @jessica-curzon:
I'm very jealous of your pending Costa Rica trip! Thanks for passing Seth's name along to me; it's great to start making some connections with helpful and friendly people. Does he have a web page/ company name?
Jessica Curzon
02/03/10 07:51:17PM @jessica-curzon:
I live in Salt Lake. I just got so excited when I read about your plans!! I would totally take a road-trip to Boulder to check out your stuff! Where are you guys in the whole process? Does your boyfriend want to be my friend too? If he's sitting next to you, would you ask him for me? :)
Robert Stout
12/29/09 07:09:01PM @robert-stout:
Who is the dorkiest? We are! Tandem Chocolate Life action... two computers... one couch.