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Bong Willy
12/12/10 19:45:27 @bong-willy:

Hi Jim,

Nice to know you. And yes, in my opinion, our Western friends are more sophisticated about food, and they have centuries experience with chocolate too.

Where is the exact cacao plantation you have been visited? In Philipine, what are fine chocolate brand that usually you can found? Oh, I just ordered Askinosei's chocolates, including Davao too.

Ernesto B. Pantua Jr.
09/15/10 04:38:42 @ernesto-b-pantua-jr:
Hi Jim!Nice knowing a friend interested in chocolates. Are you a Filipino? Yes we have been making the old style chocolate "tableya" in our own dialect since the 80's. It was handed down to us by my father, born in Pila, Laguna where tsokolate is a native fare. We have acquired a 2nd hand 5kg capacity roaster from Japan a stone melangeurs from India to improve our quality. It seems it did.Nice to hear from you.Jun
Vercruysse Geert
09/14/10 09:16:59 @vercruysse-geert:
Hello Jim,My shop is not near Brussels, its about 100 km, or one and a half hour from the airport.If you should be able to come to Kortrijk, you better gif me a mail some time in advanced.Geert