Keeping chocolate in temper

11/07/15 08:36:07AM
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Hello folks,

Any idea how to keep the chocolate in temper. I make one mould, and it gets too thick for a 2nd one, so I will need to heat it carefully each time, and stir like a maniac.

Heard you can buy a chocolate melter and putting the tempered chocolate in it to maintain at working temperature. Seems like a good idea. Any (inexpensive) melters you would recommend? I don't need a huge melter. I'm based in Europe...

Thank you!

Thomas Snuggs
11/07/15 11:11:44PM
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I use the Mol d'Art 6 Kg melter just for that purpose and it works great for me. They also make a 3Kg melter. I have no affiliation with the company.

11/08/15 06:49:52AM
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excellent! thank you sir! :)

Dirke Botsford
11/08/15 06:07:33PM
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Check out Chocovisions tempering machines, varied sizes and not overly expensive. Sounds like you might be over seeding your chocolate?

11/10/15 10:49:08AM
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I'll second the Mol d'Art suggestion. 

I use different ones, sized from 3kg up to 12kg...they serve their purpose very well, and the price is right. They're very lightweight, can be easily moved around the kitchen, and can be put away when not in use.

11/12/15 03:49:33AM
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Hi there check out the Swiss chocolate melter. It's Swiss but not that expensive I think