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Tina Tweedy
04/01/09 10:53:59PM @tina-tweedy:
John,Just visited your website. Your chocolates are beautiful and the flavors sound so enticing. I like the bar with the marcona almonds, they almost look like flower petals.
02/06/09 02:15:07PM @casey:
What happened to the Roger chocolate photo? I was going to comment, but you deleted it. Anyway I look forward to trying their chocolates one day, and yours as well. Glad you enjoyed the videos.
Sarah Hart
11/29/08 05:56:31PM @sarah-hart:
Hi there. Hope all is well in your world! Nice to see you here!xoxo,Sarah
11/25/08 05:09:28AM @ilana:
At least one year...
11/25/08 05:09:10AM @ilana:
Ok so you are one year older than me!! Nice to see you here!!