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Solis Lujan
09/12/11 02:19:27AM @solis-lujan:
I don't have your email, so here is mine, solizlu@gmail.com
Solis Lujan
09/11/11 03:11:23PM @solis-lujan:
Oh, your domes are beautifully done, they look as good as Patrick Roger's. He is also one of my favorite chocolatiers
Solis Lujan
09/11/11 03:07:41PM @solis-lujan:

Hi Rick, I have a classified post for a display case which you answered to. I got back to you right away, but maybe I did not "add comment" in the right place. In any case, yes I was interested.

Last night I deleted all my old post so it is no longer up....

Solis Lujan
09/10/11 01:29:21AM @solis-lujan:
Never heard back from you, did I miss something....
Justin Schaffer
09/08/11 12:25:51PM @justin-schaffer:
Dude thats awesome... Ill have to swing by and check out the shop when im in the area!!
Justin Schaffer
09/07/11 04:19:32PM @justin-schaffer:
Hey man i have seen a couple pictures of the shop an it looks amazing!! How is life treating you ??
Elizabeth Lapham
04/19/11 02:22:29PM @elizabeth-lapham:
Ni e to meet you too :) Really do love what you are doing with your chocolate, inspires me to get my airbrush out and play around some more :)
Laura Marion
01/04/11 07:19:33PM @laura-marion:
you to, nice to meet you i like your work it is very good and inspiring well done