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Karen Edwards
@karen-edwards • 5 years ago • comments: 0
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Allie R.
02/19/13 02:29:27PM @allie-r:

I am very impressed with your research and greatly appreciate your immediate response. I have ordered a bag of the chocolates to sample, as my friend and her daughter (who is diabetic) proclaimed they tasted sweet and without an after taste of salt.

Allie R.
02/18/13 05:49:34PM @allie-r:

Hi Karen,

I am also looking for sugar free chocolates. My friend recently vacationed in Williamsburg, VA and found a shop that offers sugar free chocolates in various flavors all using a base recipe of 4 cocoa beans from 4 different countries + Himalayan salts blended and that is it. I find it difficult to believe myself.....however the company is called Angelic Chocolates. My friend said the chocolates were very good, but even she was not convinced they were completely sugar free.