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Annick Vliegen
02/17/10 05:00:03AM @annick-vliegen:
Hi K,How are you doing now, are all of your injuries healed now?I have made my chocolate website and I would appreciate if you could give me your opinion. I know it is in dutch but the lay-out you can defiantly give me something on that.Thanks and I am asking a friend to translate in English but you will see it is al lot of to do so it will take some time.Greeting and hear from you soon.Here comes the link http://www.chocohlala.beAnnick
Annick Vliegen
01/07/10 09:18:36AM @annick-vliegen:
Annick Vliegen
01/07/10 07:42:19AM @annick-vliegen:
HI Kathleen,Hope the weather stays good and that you will have a nice time at the fair. I do not have a check list but if you find time to check any special chocolate, from the us I will gladly accept your notes.Here in Belgium we do not much about the chocolate scene into he states.I try to follow know it a little. Can you give me some details about them. If you have time ofcorse.Have fun and taste a lot of "good chocolate"Annick