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Hi all, i am just wondering if anyone...
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KI Chocol' Art & Coffee
07/15/13 20:41:48 @ki-chocol-art-coffee:

Hey Lynn, did u go through SA food & beverage F, your name is familiar and I thought it was from there. I have a coffee and choc shop on Kangaroo Island. Would love to meet you one day I am in Adelaide. R U going to Kristen (from savour) demo in August in Adelaide.

11/03/10 16:31:58 @tom:
Skim was good thanks. I did check the Croydon Store as I work near there but they were out of stock. I was anxious to try the toffee so I made the detour, that was friday and the torrential rain ment I wasn't going to be skimboarding that afternoon anyway. It was good to see where it came from, I hadn't been to Bute since I was a wee lad. Reminded me of where I grew up in the Riverland.
11/02/10 22:07:11 @tom:
I stopped by Bute (that has to be one of the Aussie-est place names in the country) on the weekend on my way down to Marion Bay for a skimboarding competition. Love the toffee very nice, great texture and the girls at the IGA had nothing but good things to say, they were raving about the stuff. I am glad you have gone for quality Belgian chocolate, well you have to pair quality with quality don't you. I have one piece to go.