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Everyone's making chocolates

Hi I'm Manju Sethia from IndiaHere...
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Julie Helzer
09/01/09 12:23:41PM @julie-helzer:
The callebaut classes look very good & now they offer some in chicago, which is closer for me than canada but still expensive. For now, I would rather invest in equipment but I always want to learn more. What is the chocolate season in India, weather-wise?
Julie Helzer
09/01/09 12:04:51PM @julie-helzer:
Hi Manju, I have been told the shelf life for truffles is 2 weeks and they should be kept refridgerated. However, at one place I worked they sold the truffles for a solid year. I don't think that is food safe at all, but I wonder if a truffle could be ok for 4 weeks. When you say fruit filled chocolates, what specifically do you mean? A buttercream with fruit can be fine for 6 months if kept at the proper temperature, but a fruit dipped in chocolate is only ok for a couple of days.I am wondering which callebaut class you took and at which location?thanksjuliehelzer handcrafted chocolates
Lokesh Bangalore
08/13/09 02:54:43PM @lokesh-bangalore:
hi,Nice to meet you online. I am from Bangalore originally, settled in USA for some years. I am interested in opening a chocolate making company when I come back home in 2-3 years. Started looking into making chocolates very recently, got a tempering machine. Looks like you are already in business now!! May be we can share the knowledge and resources.-regards--lokesh-