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Anjali Gupta
03/19/14 07:41:31PM @anjali-gupta:

Hi Maria,

I am looking at moving my home-based chocolate business into an expensive retail space (because all retail space in Singapore is expensive). I would love to communicate with you and learn from your experience.


Catherine DeLucia
06/20/09 06:47:50PM @catherine-delucia:
Thanks for the welcome, Maria. I am sure I will spend many hours enjoying this chocolate heaven.
Maria Valente
01/31/08 06:31:27PM @maria-valente:
The name of my shop is Chocolations. I am at 447 Mamaroneck Ave in Mamaroneck, NY. I accomplished it by refusing to listen to everyone who told me I couldn't or shouldn't do it. I especially didn't listen to myself when defeatist thoughts crossed my mind. It was a dream and it still is. I worked really hard to learn everything I didn't know about chocolate. The smartest thing I did was ask the experts, and of course the expert on all things chocolate is Clay Gordon. I took 10 months to work in a bakery and see if this was really something I could do. I also took courses at the French Culinary Institute on chocolate. Ithas been a lot of work, but I am living my dream and it was well worth the effort!
01/31/08 06:17:04PM @chocoflyer:
What's the name of your shop, where is it, and how did you accomplish such a herculean feat?
Clay Gordon
01/30/08 12:05:20PM @clay:
Maria:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. While I know a lot about your opening the shop (I worked with you on it), I am sure that there are people who are interested in hearing about your experiences moving a home-based business into a retail space on a busy retail shopping street.