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Gretchen Tartakoff
05/20/10 04:48:43AM @gretchen-tartakoff:
Definitely check out the schedule-if you're working with chocolate or aspiring to-the pre-show Session with Callebaut is a great way to start your adventure. That way you could also fit in the next session with Antoine-which is general admission. There's a nice mix with the range of Sessions from cupcake decorating to recipes with cocoa nibs-so it's your personal choice. Not sure that helps and definitely introduce yourself to me. I'm usually over the top energy the day of the show so don't take it personally if my attention span is a little short. thanks for your interest in the BCCS and The World of Chocolate!
Gretchen Tartakoff
05/19/10 05:41:04AM @gretchen-tartakoff:
Hi-I just got notification -cheers to chocolate!