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Creating an online cookbook

Easy as making french toast, quick as...
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Gretchen Tartakoff

experimenting with your texture

I've tried and found that I probably...
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Gretchen Tartakoff

Thinking big and growing into it...

Wish me luck! I've tried to for...
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michael kiedaisch
05/19/10 09:37:46PM @michael-kiedaisch:
Hello, I am new to the chocolate world. This Sunday is the Bucks County Chocolate Show and I would like to know the best time to come to see any demonstrations on chocolate making. I would like to come for the entire day but only have about a 2 hour window. I hope i get to see you while i am at the show. Thanks.
05/17/10 01:29:55PM @dee:
Oh! I had not heard of Sazon. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip!
04/13/10 09:33:08PM @dee:
Capsaicin is the chemical that makes food spicy.
04/05/10 09:47:56PM @dee:
Is the Hot Chocolate at Naked Chocolate different from the Sipping Chocolate? I've seen that they have spicy ones, but my mouth doesn't like capsaicin very much. :)
Rocky Cioffi
05/26/09 11:44:06AM @rocky-cioffi:
Hello,Rocky here..I just joined....Can you send me information about exhibiting in the show onm May 31 in New Hope?Thanks!1Rocky
Laurie Douglass
12/12/08 09:02:26AM @laurie-douglass:
Gretchen,Yes, I'm definitely in for the May 29th show! Will you send me the sign-up form again? I'm very busy, which is great! No recession here! I've got one more craft show tomorrow, so I'll have time next week to get that form taken care of, and I'll give you some rouge cocoa powder.
Clay Gordon
05/06/08 10:11:23PM @clay:
Gretchen:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I am looking forward to speaking at The Bucks County Chocolate Festival on June 1st. :: Clay
Gretchen Tartakoff
05/06/08 07:39:17PM @gretchen-tartakoff:
After I had that chocolate truffle, I thought about chocolate all the time. Within a year I set-up The Chocolate Bar, LLC in PA because I knew I was meant to do something with chocolate-just wasn't sure what it was yet.I'm not sure how much time has gone by, the "something" is the Bucks County Chocolate Show. Check it out-it's been well worth all that dreaming.