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immersion blenders

By mike johnson, 2015-08-16

Does anyone have any recommendations for a stick blender for small ganache batches? I was leaning toward the Kitchenaid commercial version.


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invert sugar substitutions

By mike johnson, 2015-08-16

Since honey is a natural substitute for invert sugar...Would jelly/jam/preserves also be a substitute? How about fruit juice reduced w/ sugar & acid?

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storage temp

By mike johnson, 2009-11-19
what temp isbest to store my ganache before rolling?
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block or calets

By mike johnson, 2009-11-09
Is there a difference between the chocolate used for block and calets/pistoles?
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tempering thermometers

By mike johnson, 2009-11-03
what is a good thermometer for tempering chocolate
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candy boxes for my truffles?

By mike johnson, 2009-10-24
where to buy them & what's best to use
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