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Single Mango Orchid with Flowers
3 Mango Orchid in Vase
Boxed Mango Orchid Bouquet
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Macadamia & Chocolate
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Dragon's Breath Unwrapped with Flower
Dragon's Breath Bar
Complete Chocolate Bar Set



07/04/10 11:42:08AM @deanna:
Hi Mindy,I am from Southern Oregon.. We are traveling to S.F. this month.. Do you have a store front? If so where.. I would love to stop by and try some of your beautiful chocolate!
Paul Mosca
01/28/10 02:27:55PM @paul-mosca:
Hi Mindy,I was reviewing a few posts and returned to the Selmi panning conversation. You were looking for a table top set up. I can share with you how I built my system if you like?Paul
Rebecca Flynn
07/28/09 03:50:22PM @rebecca-flynn:
Mindy,How can we participate at one of these events??? I would love to exhibit. I understand it is probably too late, however, it doesn't hurt to ask. Yes, Churros is very thick and a regional dish. It was probably served in a small dish. Take me next time.. I'm fluent!
Danna D.C.
04/14/08 06:25:40PM @danna-dc:
Hi Mindy,After the chocolate salon yesterday I tried the fan samplers and my two favorites are the Summer Camp and the Sesame Nut Spice. I'm even more excited to work now that I heard so many good comments about our chocolates at the salon!
04/04/08 11:53:42PM @chocoflyer:
Jade Chocolates- heard the name but where are they?
Clay Gordon
03/21/08 04:14:27PM @clay:
Mindy:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I am looking forward to your contributions here. :: Clay