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Production Consultant/Mentor Required

Hi All, I am in the process of...
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Nicole Gibson
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Created a new discussion "Production Consultant/Mentor Required":
"Hi All, I am in the process of setting up a business making chocolate confectionery bars and I am seeking a consultant/mentor who can advise me in the area..."
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Nicole Gibson
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"Hi Tim, Just wondering how you are going with your grease issue? My santha has just started doing the same thing. We have pulled it apart and..."
Nicole Gibson
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"Can anyone recommend a packaging supplier for chocolate bars in Australia please? I need both inner foil wrappers and outer paper wrap."
Nicole Gibson
@nicole-gibson • 7 years ago
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06/04/17 08:08:27PM @andre-rangel:

Hi, how are your business plan doing? I'm studing to make chocolates too.