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Georgina Joey Ledlie
12/14/10 04:26:02PM @georgina-joey-ledlie:

I'm not a member Uncle P. I don't like joining these groups...I'd rather stay on my own and mind my own business.

Georgina Joey Ledlie
12/12/10 12:08:38AM @georgina-joey-ledlie:

Yumm... yes please to the recipe Uncle P. I am working on a hot chilli chocolate. All the chilli chocolates that I have tasted so far have been very mild. I want one that knocks your socks off ! LOL My best chocolate flavour is my rose petal chocolate truffel. I'm very proud of it ! Hugs, joey

Patrick Francis Murphy
11/02/10 10:18:58PM @patrick-francis-murphy:
I would like to join a group similar to your group Clay but one based in the USA