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Patrick Murphy
07/29/11 20:20:10 @patrick-murphy:
Georgina and George, It has been a while and a lot has taken place. I have been under the weather "dicky ticker" So i have spent a lot of time at the hospital and doctors. Jessie-Mae nearly died uner an operation she had on her colon. We then spent about 6 weeks trotting back and forth to the wound center because her wound would not heal. 6 weeks ,3 times a week and 30 miles each way Our petrol bill was high so was our doctors bills. Veronica is moving back to Wales. She decided England was not for her.I haven`t got her new address yet. Love Uncle Patrick
Patrick Murphy
04/06/11 18:06:58 @patrick-murphy:
Joey I havent heard from you for ever so long. Allison, Lorraine, Mary and Veronica are giving me a surpruse 80 birthday party on Dec.16 in CVharleston South Carolina, Please come if you can. A large house on the beach is what we are going to rent so we can all be comfortable Love Uncle Patrick
Patrick Francis Murphy
01/25/11 13:44:55 @patrick-francis-murphy:

Even though I know you wont beable to read this straight away I still want to post it. Ihave been very concerned about you and George your Dad. Yvonne Street has kept me as up to dte as she coud. She must be a very good friend of yours. have been in a bad flood but missed the kind of desaster you have suffered. Our house was built about3 feet of the ground and we watched the water creep up to the second step. I even sawgood sized fifs swim by our back door. It was time for us to seek higher groundand only just made it before the bridge washed out. No water got in the house. I know you had about 5 feet of water and lost all your furniture and belongings and it grieves me especially as I am so far from you and unable to help. Joey dont ever doubt my love for you and your Dad Uncle Patrick

Patrick Francis Murphy
01/11/11 21:37:52 @patrick-francis-murphy:

Gorgina and Goirge I just watched the BBC World News and a lot of it was devoted to the floods in the Brisbane area. I know you are a little distance from Brisbane but the heavy rain must have taken a toll in your area. I am worried please if you can let us know how you are.

Love Uncle Patrick

Patrick Francis Murphy
12/25/10 11:35:50 @patrick-francis-murphy:
George and Georgina Your Christmas Day is over , ours is half way . I wanted to wish both of you a Happy Christmas and let you know I love you. I will always love you. I missed the time window.
Patrick Francis Murphy
12/12/10 19:32:27 @patrick-francis-murphy:

Joey I was browsing and came across a web site called Ipswich Buisness Women and as hard as I searched I could not find you on it. Yes it is Ipswich Australia. There were about 150 pictures and I looked at them all. Do have a fine day I am going to bedinthe next hour.

Patrick Francis Murphy
12/11/10 19:23:38 @patrick-francis-murphy:

Just to tell you my chocolate making has a lot to be desired. How-ever Andrew likes it and so do I. next I am going to try a tooti-fruity chocolate. I may have to have an open door to the little room, we will see. When I get a marketable product I will send you pictures and a recipe. U. P.