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Robert Frederick  Rankin
10/20/10 03:27:05PM @robert-frederick-rankin:
Hi Polly, good to hear from you and looking forward to meeting you and your husband in June or July - a good time to visit and we should be well established with our passionfruit liqueur filled chocolate production by then. Our Santha arrives Nov 11 but we are leaving for a short break in Auckland a week after that. I'm busy trying to sort out the packaging at the moment trying to spend as little as possible and still have it attractive. I've got hold of a cheap 8in square pizza box which we'll screen print ourselves but am having trouble locating suitable paper cake cups to hold the individual chocolates. Were planning on having 16x chocolates in the box. As you say we're lucky having all the cocoa beans and passionfruit almost at our doorstep. All the best - Bob Rankin - Vaitele