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07/16/17 06:37:14 @chocolateworldco:
Hello Bob, I'm Madan from Chocolate World, a beans to bar artisan chocolatiers factory near Mumbai. We are planning a mid sized chocolate factory in Johor, Malaysia with the focus in processing cacao from Indonesian and Pacific isles. Could you please send some information on the Samoan cacao that you have offered to supply - fermentation, characteristics, varietals, moq volumes and prices. You can mail me on or WhatsApp on +91 97623 50119 Thanks
polly tuialii
10/20/10 02:58:38 @polly-tuialii:
Hi Robert,Yes you are correct my lasy name is Samoan.My Husbands family are samoan.We are planning a vist there next june/july.I would love to stay in contact with you, I see youhave plans to make liquor choclates...My liquor usage is also in ganache. Sorry not much help with what you are looking to produce.Sounds great keep me posted on your progress.Yes you are very luck to have raw produce at your feet...
Clay Gordon
10/18/10 14:27:51 @clay:
Bob - I stand corrected and made the change on the group page. It was (after all) late at night when I wrote it and I was working from memory.
Hanna Frederick
10/17/10 19:41:33 @hanna-frederick:
Hi Bob, my liquor usage is in ganaches - which might not be your choice for a hot Samoan weather (the cream lowers shelf life). I have seen in my Hungarian school making liquor fillings. They create a chocolate layer in a cone shaped mould, then pour the liquor into the mould cavities. then they spray with a spray gun a a thin chocolate layer on top of the liquor filling, before finishing up as usual the mould with a normal chocolate layer. Not my cookie. As Clay said, lot of practice to do these things. I do prefer to use passionfruit, but never tried adding passion liquor to the ganache. I do not use liquors, rather grappa type, high alcohol (45 %) and no sugar content schnapps. It extends chocolate shelf life. Cheers, Hanna
03/22/10 23:00:26 @tom:
No worries Bob, I sent you a message to your inbox but incase you don't check it my email address is if you send me an email I can send you some docs and files you might find useful.Cheers Tom
Robert Frederick  Rankin
02/20/10 22:56:01 @robert-frederick-rankin:
I live in Samoa where I produce passionfruit wine, brandy and liqueur and have access to lots of cocoa beans (theobroma). I'm thinking of small scale production of passion fruit liqueur filled chocolate but my knowledge of chocolate making from beans is restricted to what I've picked up scouring the net. Any advice on where to pick up cheap but reliable equipment and about how you insert the filling would be appreciated