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Dragee polish

By Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje, 2013-09-29

I use Capol 254 W to seal my Chocolate covered dragees. Then I polish them with Capol 425M . I have started production of Hard Sugar panned Dragees. I am not sure which Capol products will seal and polish my hard sugar coated Dragees. Any suggestion?

Raji from India.

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Dragee packaging with Nitrogen gas.

By Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje, 2011-08-09

I want to keep my Dragee packets cool and enhance the shelf life of the Dragees by filling Nitrogen gas into the packets.

Will the Nitrogen Gas spoil the Dragees or enhance the shelflife of Dragees? My Dragees are Chocolate covered nuts and Chocolate covered cereals.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance.

Raji from India.

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About Panning machines

By Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje, 2011-03-30

I plan to buy one pannig machine. I am confused with the follwing aspects.

While buying a Panning machine which aspects we have to consider more? Is there any advantage if the Coating pan is of Copper? Or is steel coating pan as good as the Copper one? They say that only if there is resistance inside the pan the Dragee will become shiny, Otherwise I have to give the final coating ofGum Arabica to get the shine. Are these true?

Any advise?

Rajarajeshwari from India.

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Scooping Cacoa seeds.

By Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje, 2009-06-10
We Indian Cacoa growers scoop the Cacoa seeds from the pod manually. Is there any simple machine or trick to do the job? Please share the knowledge, if any.Rajarajeshwari.
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