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Bean Sourcing & Shipping

Hey all, Does any one have...
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Cellophane Packaging Suggestions?

Hello all! Does anyone have any...
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Velvet Cocoa Butter Sprays

I am totally in love with the look...
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01/30/13 05:34:08PM @chocofiles:

Sounds good. You can also learn more about my review process in an interview that I did with Flavors of Cacao.

01/30/13 03:12:19PM @chocofiles:

How exciting! Charlottesville should be a good town to support a bean to bar chocolate maker. I am starting to do some consulting for artisan craft b2b chocolate makers, so maybe we could connect sometime when I go to Charlottesville. Do you have any ideas about when you are going to start production?


P.S.- Have you ever seen my ChocoFiles reviews at my ChocoFileswebsite?