Sandra Andrews-Strasko

Chocolate in Israel

By Sandra Andrews-Strasko, 2008-02-18
I am spending the year in Israel with the goal of interviewing every chocolatier in the country. So far I'm about halfway through. If you have questions about choc in Israel or kosher chocolate, I'm your woman. My blog, Chocolatespeak is also a great resource.
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My Chocolate Life is a bit neglected...

By Sandra Andrews-Strasko, 2009-09-02
Thats why I popped on here the other day and invited all of the chocolatiers I know to join. I miss focusing on chocolate, like I was in Jerusalem. Now Im working on getting my English Coaching and Translating business started, which pushed chocolate to the back burner.My big excitement is that I finally splurged and bought myself Valrhona cacao at KaDeWe (Kaufhof des Westens, the Harrods of Berlin) and it is so marvelous to be able to drink the dregs and not have that sandy stuff left at the bottom.
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Chocolate in Berlin

By Sandra Andrews-Strasko, 2009-09-01
Now Im in Berlin and writing about chocolate has taken on a slower pace, but Im still doing it. Now Im even posting on in German and English.
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