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Dominic Beschle
09/02/09 02:45:02PM @dominic-beschle:
We are working on it. Season 2009 XMAS should be fun and we should be available in more places.
Cokolado Florado
09/02/09 11:54:43AM @cokolado-florado:
Hello Sandra, thanks much for helping me focus again on the art of real chocolate tasting! It was a dense yet reviving premium chocolate tasting experience. Looking forward to many more! Did you check my newsletter info on whisky and chocolate tasting? We have two dates now: Sept 18 and 19. See you soon!
02/06/08 06:08:25PM @chocoflyer:
Hi Sandra- are there many chocolatiers in Israel? Do you have any wrappers of Israeli choc or photos of shops you can post here for us all to enjoy?
Clay Gordon
02/06/08 10:27:08AM @clay:
Sandra:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. All anyone here in the US knows about chocolate from Israel is Max Brenner. It's sort of like the rest of the world thinking that the only chocolate in the US is Hershey. I look forward to learning more about your goal to visit every chocolate shop in Israel while you are there.I totally agree about the Claudio Carallo bar. Mr Pralus himself was in New York about 15 months ago and gave me a tasting that featured this bar. Worth every penny.