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05/09/10 05:32:02PM @brady:
Hi Susana, Thank you for the time you spent with all the detailed information for me about Barcelona. I'll likely make my priority stops Oriol Balaguer, Enric Rovira, Cacao Sampaka and Xavier Mor. I'll map out some of the others but I have limited time and am looking forward to seeing several of the wonderful parks and neighborhoods of Barcelona too! What do you do here in NY? Are you working with chocolate? Thanks again, Brady
05/02/10 10:51:52PM @brady:
Susana, I will be in Barcelona for two days the middle of this month. I plan to visit Cacao Sampaka, but was wondering if you know of any another places where I can find named origin chocolate bars. Are there any small bean to bar makers in Spain? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks. Brady
Andre Costa
09/28/09 02:29:14PM @andre-costa:
Spain? Nice!I moved from Rio to New York in 2001.What about you? What's your interest in chocolate?I started now, so everything is very new to me.