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Chocolate Bliss (Random House/Celestial Arts, 2008)

Hand-crafted Candy Bars (Chronicle Books, 2013)

Pastry Chef/Instructor/Traveler

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Sachertorte mit globalism
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Gwen Borders2
02/05/10 05:20:43PM @gwen-borders2:
Happy Valentine's Day Susie! Can't wait to read your book <3 Gwen
LuLu Benavidez
01/03/10 01:56:17PM @lulu-benavidez:
Brought your book and WOW lots of great information. Thank you!
LuLu Benavidez
11/24/09 08:38:34AM @lulu-benavidez:
Thank you! Can't wait to buy your book.