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09/06/10 01:37:04PM @waheeda:
thank you so much for your kind words gwen.
Katreece Montgomery
09/06/10 11:05:17AM @katreece-montgomery:
Thank-you so much Gwen !
Evert-Jan De Kort (
02/23/10 05:15:32PM @evert-jan-de-kort-choqoacom:
that's exciting to hear so, I also feel there' something brewing over there in US.I actually was about to sit down with our nation's Chef o/t Year to inpspire him with top chocolate but hesitated (considering what's in it for me), but your comment gives energy to call him this week :)
Evert-Jan De Kort (
02/23/10 10:25:38AM @evert-jan-de-kort-choqoacom:
hey Gwen, interesting thoughts thxdo you see chefs make creations with premium chocolate or rather put bars on their menu's in the US?Here in Belgium I see low quality mass brands coining the 'Grand Cru' en 'origin' labels but for the very wrong reasons and with very poor quality delivery.Only few pastry chefs invest in better couverture chocolate and then again mainly stick with eg Valrhona...
Evert-Jan De Kort (
02/19/10 08:47:15AM @evert-jan-de-kort-choqoacom:
hi Gwen thx!Let's hope so, what products do you think will enter and define a new era on chocolate?
Evert-Jan De Kort (
02/19/10 08:13:34AM @evert-jan-de-kort-choqoacom:
thx for the request! you can follow my passion on Facebook via :)
Cesar Lovon
02/08/10 03:10:54AM @cesar-lovon:
I think you have an amazing story...a lot to listen to and learn from...nice to be friends
Cesar Lovon
02/08/10 03:09:34AM @cesar-lovon:
Thank you Gwen! Home chocolate party sounds quite inspiring....very nice concept
Dominic Beschle
02/07/10 09:17:01AM @dominic-beschle:
Thank you yes I really do love to work with chocolate
02/07/10 08:51:02AM @valerie:
Thanks for the friend request. Your Home Chocolate Parties sound great, what a wonderful niche to be in. Do you have any consultants in Boston?
Sarah Hart
02/06/10 07:05:02PM @sarah-hart:
Thank you. I find so many chocolate people to be just the best. Hard to be mean when you are filled with theobromide and involved in something that makes people happy/generous. You are in Michigan? We lived in Ann Arbor for 2 years long ago, while my husband was in grad school. I taught English at Eastern Michigan U. Before my chocolate-making days.I will check out your shop online, too!
Sarah Hart
02/06/10 04:06:53PM @sarah-hart:
Hi. It is (in Portland, Oregon). If you need more than that let me know!
Sarah Hart
02/06/10 12:41:11PM @sarah-hart:
Thanks for the friend request!
Vercruysse Geert
02/06/10 08:31:09AM @vercruysse-geert:
With pleasure I accept your friendship,as chocolatier and ptissierYours sincerely,Vercruysse Geert
Susie Norris
10/21/09 10:46:16AM @susie-norris:
Very much looking forward to my MI visit. I'm doing my first chocolate tasting-book signing at a book store in LA, then San Fran...I'll have it down by June!!
Rick Jordan
10/20/09 02:30:33AM @rick-jordan:
Hellooo there.....a real treat to meet your acquaintance.thank you so much for what you wrote to me...that was with out a doubt the nicest thing anyone has said to me for quite some time ;)i see you have a shop? i would love to pick your brain about a few things...i am about to sleep now; i will write more later.....thanks again Gwendolyn!rick
John Q. Stewart
10/19/09 10:10:08AM @john-q-stewart:
Great story, amy is the kind of person I like. I think I will be able to make some of the things. Right now I am making a guitar for less than $300 the work surface is stainless the rest is alu. Wish me luck as I try to make a 30lb tempering machine that can hold 3, 30lb loads in continuous temper. I think I can do it with Air as opposed to Bain marie.
10/05/09 01:30:33PM @eve:
Hi Gwen!Nice to see your smiling face again!
Danna Dykstra-Coy
10/04/09 01:38:38PM @danna-dykstra-coy:
Thank you Gwendolyn and so love the inviting feel of your lovely store.
Gwen Borders2
09/28/09 06:16:14AM @gwen-borders2:

About Home Chocolate Party (tm) - FYI, Home Chocolate Party (tm) is not an MLM firm. All consultants work directly for the parent company.What is exciting about HCP is that we expose consumers to great artisan chocolate in their homes and offices. Sure customers can go on-line and buy directly from great producers after we have gone through the work of teaching them about the products our artisan friends have crafted. That is OK and that is the point of HCP. In my world, if artisan chocolatiers must struggle to survive, then we all lose. HCP serves as a conduit to bring difficult to find chocolates directly into the homes and offices of hungry, choco-curious patrons. It works very well.No heavy handed sales tactics, white glove treatment all the way and everyone has a graciously good time. I will settle for nothing less!Special note to all TCL members. I get leads from around the US every day. I've been known to refer clients interested in learning more about chocolate directly to you. I do not charge for these leads. Feel free to contact me with any questions at