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third batch vegan milk chocolate
vegan chocolate making
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vegan sea salt caramel1
Vegan Truffles and marshmallows
vetrina 2011
Colorado Spirit box. The perfect gift for the beer and whiskey lover, local is good :-)
First batch of Champagne Truffles are ready to go :-) soft and sparkly center, tomorrow @GlacierLongmont, cin cin!
Be Aware @Stranahans chocolates are back! Must be 21 up for these babies :-) Available @GlacierLongmont Tomorrow.
This morning display looks very good, I feel good about it :-)



Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
02/07/11 01:06:01PM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
It is May 12-14. Derrick from Callebaut will be there on Saturday. You just need to make the leap. It is amazing how many people find you! You make wonderful confections!
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
02/07/11 08:54:40AM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
Thanks Vanessa. Why don't you come to the Niagara conference? I just got my tickets. Are you doing this full time yet?
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
01/28/11 09:04:07PM @ruth-atkinson-kendrick:
Hey Vanessa-looks like you are keeping busy making your beautiful truffles.
Laura Marion
01/22/11 03:47:25AM @laura-marion:
you have a very good display very well done nice work