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xinhong liu
01/28/11 09:45:15 @xinhong-liu:


Have you been London in last fall? I was in China from October to Dec with my family in Shanghai.

I could have missed you. Very sorry to reply you so late. There are too much family commitment lately. No one deserve to know it.

Hope you had a good time in UK.

Please let me know if you ever come to UK again.

Please accept mysincerely apology for not replying you in time.


Robyn Rice-Foster
05/13/10 11:45:53 @robyn-rice-foster:
Hi Alexandra,Hope all of your days is filled with chocolate!
xinhong liu
05/03/10 01:04:27 @xinhong-liu:
Hi,Nice to meet you here.Making chocolate is fun. I just got back from Valhrona 2 days ago and learned a lot.There are few of my mates in this classes going to Vancouver for internship.Talk later
Kristina Holland
04/30/10 17:17:31 @kristina-holland:
I have not yet. I have a three year old and my husband works a lot. We will have to work it out someday though. I really want to learn more.