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Increased capacity with new Chocovision baffle

I don't know if any of you follow Mr....
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Patrick Benison
03/20/12 03:40:08PM @patrick-benison:

It's true...and I've tasted a lot these days! Hope all is well. Spring is here and I'm breaking out the bike.

Jessica Curzon
02/03/10 10:42:23PM @jessica-curzon:
Hey Robbie,Thanks for being my friend! I was just at Caputo's last week, after being directed there by Adam (I saw that you had a run-in with him as well). It's a small world. I hope to meet ya'll at some point!Jessica
Art Pollard
01/03/10 10:57:33AM @art-pollard:
There are numerous great bars from great chocolate makers. As a complete line though, I'm probably most impressed by Michel Cluizel. I love thir purity of vision and the fact that on the whole, they are very true to the beans with which they work.-Art
Clay Gordon
12/31/09 04:21:08PM @clay:
Robbie:There is some wiring in the baffle you can't cut and I don't know how it's run. Otherwise, I have no idea. I don't think it should make a difference but I don't know.:: Clay
Matt Caputo
12/29/09 11:59:27PM @matt-caputo:
Robbie,Glad to hear you got to try some new things. The young guy who helped you was Adam. He has only been working in our market for a month and knew nothing about chocolate before! You would have been really amazed if one of our veteran chocophiles got a hold of you.I agree that the Guayas is mind blowing. Be sure to think of me when you read the info on the back, because I wrote it for Art. Keep in touch.Best,Matt Caputo