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06/13/08 12:06:11 @hans:
Hi there, I must say, I'm curious about your chocolate exploits in Eugene (been there once--nice city) and would love to turn your attention to some high quality milk and white chocolate to supplement your dark proclivity.It's a pleasure to meet you and have you on my friend's list.
Arnold Ismach
02/05/08 22:42:15 @arnold-ismach:
To Chocoflyer: Unfortunately, I can't send photos of my truffles. I'm also unableto be in Ashland for the Chocolate Festival in March. But I will be at the EugeneCity Club lecture on Feb. 15, when Shane Tracy, who founded KeKau Chocolatein Eugene in 2005, and produces some very unusual chocolates.
02/05/08 14:50:57 @chocoflyer:
Yes pls photos of your truffles- please!!
02/05/08 14:50:16 @chocoflyer:
Welcome fellow Oregonian! I live in FL now but grew up outside Portland- family there and in Corvallis & Bend. Will you be in Ashland for the Choc Fest March 7-9???
Clay Gordon
02/05/08 11:27:02 @clay:
Arnold:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. In a previous life (in the 70s) I lived in Portland (I worked at KBOO-FM) and I remember hitchhiking to Eugene to see Santana. I now have family in Cottage Grove. We look forward to hearing more from you and seeing photos of your work.