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Brian is the Corporate Pastry Chef & Chocolatier for Tomric Systems, Inc.of Buffalo, NY.  In his role at Tomric he is responsible for all aspects of the culinary and chocolate programs. 

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Pierre (Pete) Trinque
05/01/10 11:33:45 @pierre-pete-trinque:
Brian,my wife Dianne will be joining you for your class in CA next week. Work her hard. Ha. Wish I were able to join you.PierreP
Alexandra Saunders
03/01/10 15:29:05 @alexandra-saunders:
Hi Brian - So nice to meet you just now. Wow! You are a wealth of information :-)Really looking forward to meeting you in person in May.BTW - just informed my husband he needed to move some of his cabs to a different place. Our wine cooler is now mine!!
Pierre (Pete) Trinque
01/12/10 12:42:27 @pierre-pete-trinque:
Brian,Was wondering if you were going to the Fancy Food Show in SF. Didn't know if your company had a booth at the event.Pierre
wallace Macdonald
09/06/09 16:50:46 @wallace-macdonald:
Thanks for that. What other Equipment do you sell?Wallace
wallace Macdonald
09/06/09 01:43:52 @wallace-macdonald:
Brian have you ever sent selmi's to Australia? I have been looking at the plus as well as the panning machine.
Justin Schaffer
08/11/09 08:16:15 @justin-schaffer:
Hey Brian,I was just wondering if you are going to the candy show in Atlantic City. I will be there for the show and thought id say hi if you were there... Thanks for the info on the airbrushing.. Things are coming along pretty good..
Arun Bhargava
05/14/09 12:36:29 @arun-bhargava:
Hello Brian,Nice to see your msg. I am new here, so dont know if it is permitted, by my email id is arun@galaxyindia.inplease do write me on what you need. pls check to know what we have to offer.Arun.
Tom Bauweraerts
05/04/09 09:21:02 @tom-bauweraerts:
Hi Brian,How are you...I know exactly what kind of tempering units the clients are looking for :-)Take care and congratulations that you have become father ...CiaoTom
Megan Hardgrave
04/13/09 16:04:01 @megan-hardgrave:
Dear Brian ,I am following up with you to see if yout got the Collectible Profiles,Inc. Catalog which has the pictures of our "Profiles in Chocolate" Abraham Lincoln Profile. Let me know what you think ?Sincerely,Megan Hardgrave
Megan Hardgrave
03/30/09 19:22:44 @megan-hardgrave:
Dear Brian ,Thank you for your interest in Collectible Profiles,Inc. chocolate line called "Profiles in Chocolate" we don't have a website , with images but If you can give me your mailing address I can send you our Collectible Profiles Catalog which does have pictures of our Profile Chocolates in it. Also you can learn more about Collectible Profiles by checking out the post I made to Paul today.ThanksMegan