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What are some names of higher Quality Chocolate Bars ?

I need some info on What are some...
@Megan Hardgrave 13 years ago - Comments: 7

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Brian Donaghy
04/14/09 11:46:09AM @brian-donaghy:
I did. It appears to be a very nice mould. I will keep it in mind if anyone is looking for the finished piece.b
Brian Donaghy
03/31/09 08:42:56AM @brian-donaghy:
Megan. That would be great. You Can Send that to me, C/O Tomric Systems, 85 River Rock Drive, #202, Buffalo, NY, 14214. Thanksb
Brian Donaghy
03/30/09 04:55:44PM @brian-donaghy:
Megan. Would be really interested in seeing the chocolate work. Is it posted online somewhere or could you send an image my way? Thanks.brian
04/04/08 08:35:36PM @chocoflyer:
Megan did you know your new colors make it very hard to read- like black against almost black? maybe you are experimenting....BTW Cadbury lover- have you been to/ heard of Cadbury World in Bourneville, England? Its the Hershey Park of the UK! Ck it out!
Clay Gordon
03/24/08 07:38:06PM @clay:
Megan:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. Were you in Europe when you had these experiences or somewhere else? I have always found that one of the reasons chocolate tastes better in Paris is because I am in Paris.