FBM Prima10_2016Q3

FBM Prima10_2016Q3

FBM Prima10_2016Q3

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Clay Gordon
08/12/16 02:25:14PM @clay:

Aimee -

What is the described usage? Enrobing? 

The new Prima 10 has been upgraded in many respects - it has a longer tempering pipe in addition to a larger working bowl. I don't know if it can be fitted with the craft chocolate upgrades but I know that there's no way to kit it out for the pneumatic depositor and it's too small to accept a depositor plate. If you're doing a lot of bars and making your own chocolate the Compatta 15 is the smallest I can recommend

FBM normally offers a 20% show discount and you only pay shipping from the show (FBM pays shipping charges from Italy and takes care of customs). Having experience with drayage charges the show charges we'd want to arrange for the shipping company to pick it up from the show.

To get one to the show for you we'd need to complete the order mid-September.

Does that answer all your questions?

:: Clay

Aimee Morrow
08/11/16 05:55:26PM @aimee-morrow:

Hi Clay,

Which of these pieces of equipment would I need for the described usage? And at this time I don't have the space for it, but am moving into a new kitchen in the fall.  Is it possible to have the discount extended until then? It would be coming to Seattle, how would that affect the shipping?