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DIY depositor-Is it possible?

I am trying to get exact net weight amount to my mould-from chocovision batch tempering machine to make choclate bar. But their skimmer is...
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Delcour Thomas

Fermentation boxe

Hi everyone, This summer I will have the opportunity to experiment fermentation. And I was wondering if someone know if it is a minimal size for...
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Fargo Della Harding

cocoa butter press

Amrica Central), We saw on line the "Grenada Chocolate butter press:http://www.grenadachocolate.com/?s=cocoa+butter+press...
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ACME table top melter NITRO high volume modification!!

does anyone use the ACME unit? heres a GREAT MODIFICATION (ill make a you tube video one day to show) remove the light bulbs ( do not use the unit...
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Clay Gordon

DIY Caramel Cutter and Guitar - Links to Forum Discussion

Here is a link to instructions (and a parts list) for DIYing a disc/roller cutter for caramels, ganaches, and more. Here is a link to a discussion...
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Tempering Machine Modifications

What mods have you done to your tempering machines? If there is something that had made life better please share it. We use a Little Dipper and dip...
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Clay Gordon

DIY Bean Cracker

One of the things that has stymied me for a long time was how to make a fairly low cost bean cracker that would be adjustable. One of the main...
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