Chocolate captured with fungus

Recently i made truffles and i didnt kept  inside refrigerator because the weather was not so hot .but soon it was covered with fungus and got...
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Dave Huston

FYI. Santha Spectra 11 Motors

I'm just going to put this out there. The Short:  They have been using 1/6 HP motors for at least the last two or three years, whereas they...
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Andy Ciordia

Building a Pitch / Press Release

I think sometimes we have or create a blind spot for our own projects. I've written releases before for other clients in other industries but my...
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Andy Ciordia

Discounts & Wholesale

As the gift season looms we're now entering some bulk orders from HR departments and the like.Right now we offer a small consumer discount of 5% at...
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Blanched Pistachios

Does anyone have a source for blanched and peeled pistachios? I don't mean just shelled. I'm trying to find nice bright green pistachios without...
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Ruby Stone

Chocolate Storage for Home Based Business

Hi allIve just found this site and would appreciate any replies. Im starting a small online gift bag company and would like to offer chocolate bars...
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Andy Ciordia

Associations & Tradeshows

Like to build a list of associations and trade shows that relate to our industry. Are there any for artisan shops?All I've found so far is NCA :...
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Lynda Brent

magnetic molds

I'm looking for a specific mold company "Whale" molds. They have a 35mm-38mm oval wafer magnetic mold for transfers. The mold is about 5mm thick. I...
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