The Hidden World of Chocolate

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Undergraduates at Johns Hopkins University are getting a close up look at chocolate.

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My name is Jennifer Dailey.
I'm a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University.
I might be a bit of a chocoholic.
Voice off camera: And is that why we're here?
That is why we're here.
[chopping sound]
The students are going to be tempering chocolate.
Student:I got some ice.
By heating and cooling the chocolate up to various temperatures...
Student: 75
...we're able to create the exact crystal structure that we want.
We put it under a scanning electron microscope.
We're going to be able to image down to microns even nanometers.
And believe me chocolate does not look like you expect it to look.
[mysterious music]
We see something that looks like globules mixed in with something that looks like pure crystals-- like a diamond would look.
Those crystals are actually just chunks of sugar and the globules are the cocoa butter that it's embedded in.
If I look at this I really don't want to eat it.
But we all know in real life we probably do.
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Materials Science is literally studying stuff.
Student"Want to check it out?
Anything that you can feel
anything you can use
We can make it stronger
We can make it lighter.
Chocolate just seemed like something people could relate to.
I saw that this class was focusing on chocolate so I got really excited.
This class has been great because I get to eat a lot of chocolate.
I'd love to eat more chocolate everyday.
I think the takeaway from this is that science is around students in everyday life.
And everyone loves chocolate.

Video by Len Turner and Dave Schmelick
JHU Office of Communications
Len Turn