Need an Internship....Any suggestions??

sinclair pinto
11/11/11 08:27:30PM
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I am currently residing in the San Jose area. I have moved here from London and will be here until Feb. I am looking for an opportunity to intern with a chocolatier. Would really appreciate suggestions or help.


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11/12/11 04:25:28AM
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Which San Jose?

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, California

San Jose,Peru

San Jose, Guatemala?

Near San Jose, CA there's Recchiuti, Dandelion Chocolate, Bittersweet Cafe, Sokola ( ), and several more.

sinclair pinto
11/12/11 04:25:25PM
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Thank you Nat. I am currently in San Jose , California.
Robyn Wood
11/13/11 07:12:10PM
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Check craigslist for the SF Bay Area. I saw a couple of jobs in SF and Emeryville for chocolate assistants.

Sunita de Tourreil
11/15/11 05:04:37AM
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Thanks Nat for clarifying which San Jose, I was wondering too! Great news that it is the local one (for me). There are many makers in the Bay Area, let's talk to figure out what kind of match would make for a good fit. You can email me directly (through my business website email) or via The Chocolate Life. I have a small chocolate tasting business that works with mostly bean to bar makers, but also some confectioners.

Best wishes,


The Chocolate Garage

Palo Alto, CA

Kristie Thomas
11/15/11 07:49:48AM
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Looking for an intern but i am in the Florida Keys
sinclair pinto
11/15/11 02:22:47PM
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Thanks everybody for all your suggestions. But knowing my eagerness to get my hands down into chocolate, have ordered a few moulds online and an airbrush to keep me excited until I get my internship.

Christine Doerr
11/21/11 01:11:05AM
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Hi Sinclair

Take a look at my site and let me know if you'd be interested in interning with me. My kitchen is in Belmont.


Neo Cocoa

sinclair pinto
11/21/11 02:12:32PM
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Hi christine. That sounds good. My email is

It would be nice if I could visit you for a few minutes at your kitchen and discussing further and it will also give me an estimate as to how much time it would take to commute.

Thank you,



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