Looking for Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao Supplier

Aimee Morrow
05/10/17 12:18:18PM
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Hello all, I recently lost my Peruvian cacao supplier because of the tremendous flooding there.  Can anyone point me in another direction? I'm looking for 40-60 lbs liquor to start out with and 12-15 lbs cacao butter.

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Deanna Moore
05/17/17 08:34:37PM
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I can help you, I have a large supply of raw, og Peruvian cacao. You can email me at moore.deanna@gmail.com

06/07/17 12:51:38PM
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Hi Aimee

Would you please email us with your requirment


07/29/17 08:02:20AM
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Hello @chaqchao

Do you sell cacao beans? Can you send me the info and details to aselek777@gmail.com?




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