Chocolate Bar Cardboard box

eileen h.
12/11/12 04:34:34PM
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I have been looking for a supplier of the those thin cardboard packaging boxes which are folded over and glued down over the chocolate bars. The chocolate itself is either flow wrapped or foil wrapped.

This type of box seems is used by manufacturers such as Theo Chocolate, Ghiradelli, Lindt, etc. Does anyone know the technical name of these kind of boxes?

These are usually custom printed but I would love to find blank generic boxes to which I can affix a product sticker instead. (I don't want to committ to buying a huge order of custom printed boxes just yet.)

Thanks in advance!!

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12/12/12 12:41:46PM
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I am looking for this same product (blank generic boxes) so I can place my own sticker label on multiple bars.

If someone could send both of us in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Thank you all for helping us........Sean G

12/16/12 09:13:42PM
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I don't know much about the packaging industry. However, my company has a client that does do work in that sort of thing.They call themselves a corrugated box company.

Marc Laucks
12/17/12 09:45:05AM
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I have a customer who buys several thousand plain white boxes but they have a tuck flap on the top and bottom.

We can run them with or without a window.

If you'll provide some information on how many you have a need for and the size of the bars, I'll get back to you with some information. Typically, what we do in this case is aggregate several orders together, run a large production run and then drop ship to each location. This allows everyone to "gang" their orders together and saves a lot of money over each person buying a small quantity on their own. There are affordable options to print the boxes as well. Marc

Kelly Sayers
01/27/13 11:31:33PM
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I would also be interested in that option however I am in the very beginning stages and would be looking purely for informational purposes right now.

Thanks Marc

Marc Laucks
01/28/13 12:14:35PM
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Hi Kelly,

A typical press sheet used to trim out various packaging products is fairly large in size. By way of example, our gang run business cards are run "64 up" meaning that 64 different people from all over the country have their cards produced on the same press sheet. This is why they're so affordable.

Before the days of "gang run printing" a box of full color business cards could easily cost $1000, today they're less than $60.918-ScreenShot20130128at11.54.55AM.png?wYou can see from the embedded image how a press sheet is utilized to print several different packaging items...there's a bar box and a few different sized sleeves and trays. Assuming several different buyers agree on a quantity, it's easy for everyone to save since only one set of printing plates and one press run is used to produce items for multiple people. Feel free to contact me directly if I can provide more information!

Kelly Sayers
01/28/13 02:27:51PM
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Fantastic Marc! thanks for the information I ll direct message you when Im closer to my packaging needs.

Thanks again,


Dirke Botsford
01/28/13 02:34:12PM
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Keep in mind,if you do get boxes made you will have to get a diecut made. These tend to be a little pricey ranging from $200+ depending on the complexity of the box. Standard offset printing ( I believe Mark is referring to ) is great if you are doing large amounts and will reprint in the future as metal plates are used for the printing process and can be reused. However again, they are metal plates and cost. Alternative solution would be to go digital print, it's cost effective for lower quantities, gives you the flexibility to create different looks or make changes without the over head of making new plates. BUT, there are different forms of digital print, highend and basically color photocopiers. Ask your local printer if they do both or can offer any suggestions. I've been in the print business for 20 years and still do print brokering on the side to bring in extra income in the slower chocolate months. Any questions I'm happy to help.

Marc Laucks
01/28/13 02:53:02PM
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Yes indeed. Great insight Dirke!

Digital printing is ideal in many cases. We get excellent results with producing chocolate keys, inserts and other short run color jobs digitally. The problem is often with toner-based digital printing on heavier stocks (like that used for boxes)----depending on the design, cracking can appear along areas where a score/fold runs against the paper grain. This is why it's best to work with someone with experience and someone you feel you can trust.

02/08/13 02:54:08PM
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Aloha Marc,

Thank you for such wonderful information. I am starting a fledgling company here in Maui. We have our first client and need to have a custom box made for our bar. I am looking for a box with a window to display. Also, do you make a box with a plastic window installed in the box?

Our dimensions are 5 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 1/2 inch. ...........Sean @ Maui Chocolate Co.

Marc Laucks
02/10/13 11:42:43AM
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Aloha Sean!

Congratulations on your first client! We have a strong history in supporting "fledgling" companies and will be happy to help you in any way we can. Please contact me either by phone 717-747-5895 or email and we'll discuss your needs in greater detail. Yes, we do make boxes with clear film windows.




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