NEW FBM Kleego 100 for sale

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12/20/15 12:55:39PM
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We are selling our new FBM Kleego 100 for melting and conching chocolate.
The machine works perfectly and is only sold for space reasons.
Please email to for more information.

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Alek Dabo
12/20/15 03:13:02PM
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Hello Georg,

I would like some details about your Kleego 100 for sale. How long have you had it? Dis you use it for concging or only melting? What are you using instead? Where will it be shipped from? I am interested for a project in Haiti. (I 'll have it shipped to Miami where the equipment is centralized) and of course the price. I'm reachable at I'm looking forward to reading your answer.


Alain d'Aboville
Fine Chocolates


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