SOLD F/S - Bakon USA Choco-lution 110 Fully Automatic Tempering Machine - BARELY USED - $14,999 (negotiable)

02/24/16 07:23:04PM
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The machine was purchased brand new directly from the Manufacturer back in May 2015 and comes with the BAKON USA heated vibrating table option and is in excellent working condition, used only few times.  The unit is completely cleaned inside out and ready to ship.

The unit is very robust and completely made of stainless 304 and other food grade components

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 50 lb. of chocolate Power: 2.2 kW 115V/ 60 Hz 19 Amps

Dimensions: 19 3/8 in. x 30 5/8 in. x 59 in.


Machine details are found on:

Video about operating the machine can be found at:

Bakon USA Choco-lution 110 - Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine

If interested, please send inquiries privately to: 

I will provide you with pictures and any other details about the machine, upon request. 

PS -The buyer is responsible for any shipping cost, the machine is located in Houston, TX if you happen to live around, I will be more than happy to arrange a local pickup.

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02/26/16 11:52:47AM
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Attaching pictures ...

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