Cacao Inter-American Cacao Center July 1953

Thomas Forbes
03/10/13 11:35:12AM
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I found this journal or newsletter on Google books and found this section fascinating. I provided the link and than you go down to: July-August 1953, Vol. 2 ns 43-44. There is a section titled, "Restoring Chocolate's Old-Time Flavor". Very similar to what I currently read about the future of fine flavored cacao.

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Clay Gordon
03/10/13 12:04:46PM
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I couldn't get your link to work for me. I went to Google Books and then entered " Restoring Chocolate's Old-Time Flavor" into the search box and found the text you mentioned. Here's a link that should work .

What a great find! I am l ooking forward to reading this.

clay -
Thomas Forbes
03/10/13 12:31:33PM
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I can't stop going through it.

Thomas Forbes
03/10/13 12:53:34PM
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The April June 1955, edition has an article about West African cacao before Ivory Coast was a big player. Looks like Ghana was a significant producer before the fall of Brazil in the 80's. "The Quality of Raw Cacao and its Affects on the Manufacturer" in the same issue is another interesting read.

Jeffray D. Gardner
04/04/13 11:44:00PM
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Thanks for sharing Thomas. Clay, I wonder if these two individuals, Ake Burchardt and Henning Jorgenson are still with us today? Would be a great interview on the Heritage Radio Network!


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