I ‘d love your comments and feedback on Chocolate Mold designs

Catherine Failor
09/22/10 10:22:43PM
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I d love your comments and feedback. My name is Catherine Failor and Ive been designing soap and garden molds for 12 years (www.milkywaymolds.com and www.gardenmolds.com). Chocolatiers regularly contact my soap mold site, asking if soap molds work for chocolate. This has me wondering if there would be room on the market for a new line of chocolate molds. Seems as if a lot of chocolate mold designs I see are rather tired and outdated looking.

The photos here are rough drafts of some possible mold motifs. Here is where I can use your help.
1. Name your three favorite designs.
2. Name your three least favorite designs.
3. Would you pay approximately $8 for an 8-9 cavity mold made of very durable plastic, good for many pours?
4. Would you like to see more breakaway bar molds than are currently on the market now?
5. What motifs would you personally suggest that arent on the market?

Thanks very much for your time, I appreciate it.

Best wishes, Catherine Failor

See Images Below...

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Andre Costa
09/23/10 10:02:32AM
103 posts
The molds look cool. One big challenge chocolatiers have when working with molds is air bubbles. The more detailed the mold is, higher the chances for air to get trapped.I love the single dragon (C)...very cool!
Lee McCoy
09/23/10 10:59:49AM
2 posts
I love them too. As Andre comments - the air bubbles may be an issue, but if people are using more rustic processes then it may actually add to the experience.
Susan Van Horn
09/23/10 05:58:31PM
32 posts
I love A, C, F and H. I agree that most on the market seem tired and overused. Air bubbles can be a problem.If you need someone to test them for you, please let me know. I'd love the opportunity.And, yes. More breakaway bar molds would be great!!!
Robin Autorino
09/23/10 08:45:01PM
1 posts
Love A, E and F, the rest are pretty great too! I would love to see that as a bar mold. As for the air bubbles, I have been using a vibrator table and it seems to work really well in my bars. I'll test them too :)! The price is fine, I would prefer it in polycarbonate though. As for the one I like least, I guess would be H, C, and D. By the way - do you do custom molds? I wouldn't mind having a custom bar for my line.
Laura Marion
09/24/10 09:31:52AM
27 posts
love c but air bubbles could be a issue
Mark Heim
09/24/10 12:25:16PM
101 posts
An additional item to consider is the angle of the sides. If you look at a cross section, the sides should have at least a 15 degree angle to them, never straight vertical.
09/24/10 10:07:10PM
8 posts
Oh Gosh..these are super cute! We like B,D, and G as we make a lot of chocolate for kids. I'd buy them.
Ning-Geng Ong
09/27/10 02:23:28AM
36 posts
other than bubbles, my other concern is the surface of the chocolate after molding. It would be desirable if the finish is glossy, at least in some parts. chocolate that are matte in finish may convey a negative visual impression about the product, process or storage.


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