sourcing organic/fair trade/criollo or trinitario beans

Madeleine Siegel
11/26/13 02:52:42PM
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Can anyone recommend a good source for fine-flavor beans that are organic and fair-trade (or similar)?

I'm looking to buy a couple hundred pounds at a time. I live in Vermont, USA.

Any tips would be much appreciated!


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Milford Dennison
11/27/13 12:00:06AM
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Chocolate alchemy. Com
Madeleine Siegel
11/30/13 01:44:07PM
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Thanks, Milford! I know chocolate alchemy well and it's a great site. I'm just trying to stay open to new sources if they are out there. If they are, they are hard to find!

Gifford Laube
11/30/13 08:57:17PM
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Hello Madeleine,

My small company, Cacao Bisiesto (Leap Year Cacao) processes fine flavor Nicaraguan cocoa. We have worked with several bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the US and Europe and can handle anything from a sack to 10 tons of cocoa. If you would like a sample please let me know and we will happily send you one.

Giff Laube

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Madeleine Siegel
12/01/13 07:54:07PM
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Hello Giff,

Just visited your website- love it! what a great cacao story! Could you email me some info: cost? strains available? organic? FT?


brian horsley
12/09/13 09:21:46AM
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Hi Gifford, just wanted to say that I recently sampled some of your beans and they were excellent. Post harvest was clearly top notch. Kudos to you and your team, job well done.



Gifford Laube
12/09/13 07:40:45PM
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Hi Brian,

Thanks a lot; we appreciate your opinion and are glad that the beans looked good. Now we just have to find some genetics like the ones you have in Peru to really take it up a notch.


Daniel Domingo
01/02/14 09:57:05AM
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Hi Madeleine

We have a wide range of Organic, Fair Trade, and/or Rain Forest Alliance beans. If you are interested, feel free to email me at and I can send you more information, pricing, etc

Happy New Year!


01/02/14 07:08:40PM
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Don't under-estimate the importance of good PHC - genetics only accounts for approximately 51% of the flavor potential, which isn't to be underestimated, but most folks give it more creedence than it's due, and post harvest less than they should.


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