Seeking Comments on Felchlin Dark Chocolate

Jim Dutton
01/21/14 09:18:15PM
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I am interested in finding a different dark chocolate and am thinking of Felchlin products. Unfortunately I have not seen a source for small amounts of the chocolates, and so am seeking comments from those who have tried the two in which I am most interested.

The two chocolates are Cru Sauvage and Maracaibo. As a point of reference, I started my chocolate experience using several different Callebaut products (including their 70% dark), then moved to Valrhona Caraibe, which I am finding a little bitter for my taste (I have tasted most of Valrhona's dark chocolates and Caraibe was my favorite).

I have read good things about the two Felchlin products. Any comments will be appreciated.

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Vera Hofman
01/22/14 03:10:42PM
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Hi Jim, Excellent choice! I love Felchlin, especially the Cru Sauvage. You can find more information of both Grand Cru's on their website:

Call the distributor for samples and taste them. I'm curious to your opinion!

Chocolove, Vera

Jim Dutton
01/22/14 09:20:12PM
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Thanks for those very helpful links.

01/23/14 02:29:32PM
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I also really enjoyed the Cru Sauvage, even though I only had it in couverture. (I forget the term for those little round discs.) See my review notes attached. I think it would be an excellent choice if it fits your budget.

I have also reviewed 4 other Felchlin chocolates. You can find my reviews at ChocoFiles .

Jim Dutton
01/23/14 03:57:24PM
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In all my internet explorations I had not come across your very useful site; I am glad you pointed it out. And I appreciate your comments on the Felchlin Cru Sauvage in particular. I was, however, surprised at your review of Valrhona's Caraibe (my current dark chocolate), namely, that it was too sweet. I am thinking that if you found that product too sweet (I found it too bitter, except perhaps with the sweetest of ganaches), we have very different palates, and I had better prepare myself for tasting Cru Sauvage. Thanks for your help.


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