Outsourcing chocolate production

Daniel Gaal
03/21/12 12:00:54AM
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Hi everyone,

I am a student from McGill University working on a business project to produce chocolate spoons for consumption with frozen desserts. I am trying to determine the cost of manufacturing 2500kg of dark chocolate in the form of chocolate spoons (a complete spoon), which is about 275,000 spoons.

The dimensions we have used for the spoons are the following:

4 inches in length, 1 inch width, depth of an inch.
Each spoon is estimated to weigh 9 grams.

The percentage of chocolate desired is 72%.

Would you be able to estimate a cost to manufacture this?

I sent this email to Barry Callebaut as well but I am not sure if they will give a quote on a student project. So if anyone could give some advice on a general number we could expect to pay I would be very greatful!

EDIT: A company replied to me with a quote, case closed. Thank you everyone!

In case anyone wanted to know, they said they would charge us 25 cents per spoon.

Thank you kindly!
Daniel G.

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Jonathan Simpkins
03/21/12 12:19:58AM
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Please give us more details.

brian horsley
03/21/12 12:30:44AM
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Hi Daniel, are you seeking quotes to potentially actually do this, or just to get numbers for a school project? I can ask at a factory here in Peru that does that kind of small chocolate run, but i can't waste their time on a purely theoretical problem.



Daniel Gaal
03/21/12 12:41:40AM
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Hi Brian,

Unfortunately it is a school project (i cannot say if we will undertake this in the future).

Daniel Gaal
03/21/12 12:50:40AM
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I do not know much about chocolate, so I only specified dark chocolate. Assume it is "standard" dark chocolate and not very expensive.

The outsourcing is to take place in Ste Hyacinthe Quebec, approximately 60 km from the "company warehouse" in Montreal, Quebec.

Each batch of 2500kg of chocolate spoons is to be completed every month. Assume delivery is handled by us, not the outsourcer.

We estimate each spoon will be sold for $0.75 at retail.

Assume the molds will be provided by us.

Is there anything else I should add? Our business plan is not supposed to go into minute details so I do not have much more than this, unfortunately. A reasonable estimation is all I need!

Thanks again,

Jonathan Simpkins
03/21/12 01:02:23AM
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I apologize, I did not read your post correctly. I thought you would be making the spoons yourself. If you are looking to contract out the work, I have no idea.

Brad Churchill
03/21/12 03:08:20AM
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Olivier's Chocolate & Candy here in Calgary has a prodution facility with moulding machines and cooling tunnels to address your needs. They can even source out a well priced chocolate for you.

info@oliviers.ca. Chocolate Factory: Bay C 2828 54 Ave SE, Calgary, AB (403) 266-6028



Daniel Gaal
03/21/12 01:55:10PM
6 posts

Thanks Brad! I will contact them.

Daniel Gaal
03/22/12 12:54:42PM
6 posts

Good news, I got a quote! Thanks everyone =)


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