Christine de Massis
06/28/12 03:43:06PM
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Hello everyone..

I was wonerding if anyone can help me and list some ideas of sugar free inclusions for diabetic people.

I already bought chocolate for tempering that has been substitued with sugar substitute for diabetic people. But what can I include in the bombons? ganache with what? and if I do sugar free chocolate clusters, could the inlusion be almonds or any other kind of nuts? is that suitable? what else is? raisins? cranberry seeds? fruit purees?


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Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
06/29/12 11:13:01PM
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Hi Cristine,

Have you tried using coconut sugar it has a Glycemic index of 35 has the texture and taste of raw sugar. We are now using them for our dark chocolates


Daniela Vasquez
10/04/12 05:17:01PM
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is it expensive? we are experimenting with sugar-free chocolate, using a beet-based sweetener, but coconut sugar sounds great :)

04/11/16 03:34:01AM
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In my experience, coconut sugar in dark chocolate has an unpleasant aftertaste..

Aimee Morrow
07/15/16 06:13:12PM
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Raw honey (Do your own research on GI of this, what I've read and am convnced of is it's the same as coconut nectar, 30-35)  and raw coconut nectar rather than sugar.  Stevia of course, though I don't enjoy the aftertaste

07/19/16 02:23:03AM
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what about dried fruits like goji berries?

Evelyn Stein
09/01/16 04:28:43PM
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Has anyone had experience using xylitol as a sweetener?

Cheryl Ames
09/01/16 05:13:24PM
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I have made sugar free with stevia and Agava Nector - you have to be careful with the Stevia so there is no after taste and the recipients need to like dark chocolate.


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