Bean To Bar At Home

Dom Ramsey
12/17/14 05:50:41PM
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I've been experimenting with making my own bean-to-bar chocolate at home over the last few weeks and I've been lucky enough to have some pretty good results. Today I wrote an in-depth post on my blog explaining my process:

I'd love to hear feedback on this - both to hear if it helps inspire anyone, but also to help improve my own technique. At this point I have a budget of basically zero, and everything I've done so far has cost less than 300 / $500.

I'm ready to be told I'm doing it all wrong, so feel free to criticise. My goal though is simply to open normal people up to the idea that they can make chocolate themselves. My readers are chocolate & confectionery consumers who know little about the industry, and if I can make home chocolate makers out of a few of them, I think I will have done a good job.

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01/13/16 08:23:07AM
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Thank you for the good information.

I was surprised that you use the hair dryer.

I feel I can do it.


Thomas Snuggs
01/14/16 11:43:07PM
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Everything you need to know about making bean to bar chocolate at home can be found here: I'm not affiliated with the site, I just use it.

01/15/16 01:24:39AM
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wow! I'm glad.




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