How do I get nutritional infomtion for my prouct?

Daniel Herskovic
02/24/15 12:31:34PM
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Hi there,

A grocery store is interested in carrying our chocolate bars. They require nutrional labels for our bars. How do I develop that? Is there a service that develops that? Thanks very much!


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02/24/15 01:04:59PM
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Easiest thing to do is to use the nutritional information provided by your suppliers, and do the math for your formulation.  If, however, you don't have that, you can use the generic categories contained in the USDA food composition database.

Hope that helps!

Clay Gordon
02/24/15 04:20:30PM
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Another thing to know is that there is small business exemption to the nutrition labeling requirements. You have to be under $50 million in sales, under 500 employees, and sell fewer than 100,000 units per product annually to qualify. All you need to do is apply, I don't think there is a fee.

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Jack Meyer
02/24/15 11:10:24PM
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Contact Lev at He will develop 2 free nutritional labels for your products. If you have questions he can usually answer them. I was referred to him by another member of The Chocolate Life and was very pleased with the service. Let me know if it works well for you. Good Luck!

02/28/15 07:06:36PM
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On a similar theme: is ghee an allowable ingredient in milk chocolate? 

Or asking a different way, is there a difference between ghee and anhydrous milkfat or butterfat? Is it essentially the same thing, just a different name? Or are they made fundamentally differently and considered different ingredients?

03/01/15 08:56:39AM
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Ghee, is very similiar to anhydrous milk fat.  It's often heat treated much more significantly than AMF, so it's color and flavor may differ.  Since Ghee is much more regional than a more standardized AMF, there's going to be a much wider range of what any given Ghee actually is.  Conceptually, very similiar to AMF - but there's a wide variation.  Closest things to watch are how much moisture is present in the Ghee (keep it as low as possible), and how much oxygen it's been exposed to (more = faster rancidity.  Most ghee producers will have no idea what you're tlaking about when to start to have this conversation, fyi).

03/01/15 05:30:08PM
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Thanks Sebastian - much appreciated as always

03/01/15 06:38:38PM
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Quite welcome


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