Cleaning polycarbonate molds.

Michelle-Jo Garfield
03/20/09 08:56:50PM
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G'day...Does anyone have a great method for cleaning there polycarbonate molds. Everyone I read tells me opposing ideas and I only just got new ones and already am getting streaks in them. I have tried cotton balls but am not finding them effective enough and also worry that it takes off the protective cocoa butter layer..I would love some suggestions. thanks
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John DePaula
03/21/09 01:40:31AM
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Lots of folks recommend Cotton Batting.
Alan McClure
03/21/09 06:25:10AM
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I agree that deionized water is a good choice, especially for rinsing. If you do wash with soap, make sure to use one with no added abrasives (you may need to call the manufacturer), and that has a pH of as close to 7 as possible. Also, don't use water that is too hot. Polycarbonate is still able to absorb moisture, and will if the water is too hot. This will greatly reduce the life of the molds by weakening them.If you rinse with deionized water, you won't need to dry with cotton or anything else, simply shake dry, as DIAA notes, and then invert on a dish rack.
Susie Norris
03/22/09 12:37:28AM
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Where do you find this deionized water...and which part costs $250? Anybody know?
03/22/09 06:22:30PM
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If I do bother to polish - I use a very fine, soft piece of microfibre that feels like suede, or lint free guaze lap sponges - the type used in the operating room. Both work very nicely. I never wash my molds with soap, just hot water and a sponge.

03/22/09 10:37:06PM
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I am also very carefull with my molds. Why can't I use soap? If not, what can I use? Thanks.
John DePaula
03/23/09 01:34:10AM
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I am also very carefull with my molds. Why can't I use soap? If not, what can I use? Thanks..Soap is fine, e.g. Palmolive Dish Liquid, just don't use something with abrasives and rinse well so no soap residue remains.
03/23/09 11:55:24AM
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Hi,We've had very good success with a natural [untreated with cleaning chemicals, etc] chamois. FYI, the Sham-wow does not work well so don't try to substitute. Natural chamois are available at auto supply stores usually.good luck!
Rachel Beckett
03/23/09 12:00:09PM
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When I clean my molds I go ahead and wash in hot water then allow to air dry on a cooling rack upside down. Once they are dry I will then buff with cheese cloth. By using cheese cloth you do no scratch the molds or leave lint or any other impruties in the mold.
Rachel Beckett
03/23/09 12:01:37PM
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I have to admit its an exposive way to clean. For me just good old Pasadena water & Cheese cloth.
Brian Donaghy
03/23/09 03:35:35PM
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Some recommendations for detergents and rinse aids~non-alkaline~non-chlorinated~non-tainiting~low foaming~neutral pH (as near 7 as possible not to exceed 9)Max water temperature at any stage below 140F/60CUsing soft water and soft/demineralized water at final rinse.
Michelle-Jo Garfield
03/24/09 03:12:31PM
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Thanks everyone. I have some very interesting ideas to work with.


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